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Кроки до заощадження - Зростаючі короткотермінові депозити – Спеціалні відсотки!

BCU Financial is offering NEW RATES on the LADDERED TERM DEPOSITS!


  • 1-year term    4.50%
  • 2-year term    4.60%
  • 3-year term    4.70%
  • 4-year term    4.80%
  • 5-year term    4.90%

Laddered Term Deposits give you more choice and flexibility by providing you with access to portions of your funds every year while growing your savings on the rest of your investment at a higher rate!  It also allows you to re-invest your funds yearly and take advantage of higher, longer-term interest rates on a regular basis!
To take advantage of a Laddered Term Deposit, simply invest your funds evenly into 5 separate terms.  As each term expires, your funds can be accessed or re-invested into another term deposit, providing you with a convenient way to grow your savings!

*Terms and conditions apply: 1-yr, 2-yr, 3-yr, 4-yr, AND 5-yr terms only; NEW and EXISTING money; includes Registered and non-Registered funds. Offer valid from November 1, 2022. Rates are annual and subject to change. We reserve the right to change, extend or withdraw this offer at any time.


Відкрийте спільний рахунок і отримайте весільний подарунок у розмірі 200 доларів!*

Take advantage of our Newlyweds Account!

Open a Joint Account and receive a wedding present of $200!*

*Includes $100 towards a new member share and a $100 deposit on the new account for a total of $200. Terms and conditions apply: Must present marriage certificate within 12 months of marriage; New joint account must be active and open for a minimum of 12 months. We reserve the right to change, extend, or withdraw this offer at any time. Visit your local BCU branch or bcufinancial.com for more details.

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