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2020 Year in Review – BCU Community Video


On Tuesday, April 27, 2021, BCU Financial welcomed its members to its second virtual AGM.  2020 was a challenging year for us all and the Coronavirus that drastically changed the way we conduct our business and celebrate community, is still very much a part of our daily reality.  The dedication and resilience of our BCU staff during this difficult year is a testament to who we are and what we stand for.  We are part of a community that genuinely cares for one another.  Our entire BCU Team is committed to ensuring that your Credit Union continues to provide exceptional, personal service.

As we reflect on 2020, we wish to thank our loyal members.  Many of you endured difficult challenges.  For the members who experienced financial hardships and for the businesses which endured lockdowns and losses throughout the year, we provided support and facilitated access to grants, loans, and other government programs.  We thank our members for your understanding, your patience, and for putting your trust in us.  Your committed loyalty and patronage allow BCU to continue providing valuable services to our members and financial support to the wider Ukrainian-Canadian community.

BCU Financial is proud of its commitment to the Ukrainian community across Ontario and beyond. We believe in building a strong Ukrainian-Canadian community and we are committed to supporting the many cultural and educational projects that promote a deeper awareness and understanding of Ukrainian history, traditions, and language. We see our involvement as more than just providing financial support – we see it as a partnership. It’s about BCU Financial working together with our community partners to strengthen and promote our Ukrainian-Canadian identity and helping our brothers and sisters in Ukraine as they continue to defend their country.

Кредитова Спілка Будучність відіграє невід’ємну роль у великій українсько-канадській спільноті як головна фінансова установа, яка цінує громаду та фінансово підтримує наші громадські організації та підтримує боротьбу українського народуМи горді своєю відданістю українській громаді і ми вдячні нашим співробітникам та членам Кредитівки які віддано підтримують громадські події та беруть в них саму активну участь.

BCU is the heart of the Ukrainian-Canadian community.  Here are some highlights of the many projects BCU supported in the last year.
“Будучність” – серце канадсько-української громади.  Ось лише кілька проектів, які підтримала Кредитова Спілка Будучність в останнім році.

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