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Accounts & Benefits

BCU Financial’s line of personal banking services accounts provide a choice for our members – whether they plan to save or use their account for their daily needs, we can offer the best personal bank account for YOU. Our range of Member Benefits that can be added to the personal bank account has something for every member of your family. From our Lys Mykyta Benefits for children bank account to the Bulava Benefits on bank accounts for seniors, we have customized our Member Benefits to better meet your financial needs – for life.

Your BCU Membership entitles you to a wide range of no fee personal bank accounts and a long list of FREE SERVICES which include: 

› Free chequing privileges
› Free internet, telephone, and mobile banking
› Free preprinted personal cheques
› Free BCU ATM transactions
› Free deposits
› Free ATM transactions on The EXCHANGE Network
› Free withdrawals
› Free transfers
› Free payroll deposits
› Free deposits of pension cheques
› Free monthly e-statements
› Free imaged cheques
› Free utility payments
› Free pre-authorized credits
› Free pre-authorized debits
› Free telephone transfers
› Free personal banking account with no monthly maintenance fees
› Free e-transfers

Member Benefits


Lys Mykyta Benefit

Lys Mykyta is a special benefit type on the bank accounts for children 13 years of age and under. This benefit type offers our youngest members a savings accounthigher interest rate on our BCU Savings Account and many perks and promotions throughout the year. 

Lys Mykyta Benefits:

› BCU contributes the first $50 to the membership share account
› Free knapsack upon opening the children bank account
› Higher rate of interest on BCU Savings Account 


Rebel Benefit

The Rebel benefit type is for high school student banking accounts for youth between the ages of 14-17. It encourages our teenage members to learn responsible money management skills with no added costs. 

Rebel Benefits:

› High school student bank account chequing privileges for ages 16 and over
› Free POS debit transactions
› No BCU fees on ATM transactions


Conquest Benefit

While you are studying at a university or college, let BCU Financial simplify your finances with our university student banking accounts. The Conquest benefit type is designed for 18-25 year olds who require a wider range of services on their student bank account.

Conquest Benefits:

› Free POS debit transactions
› No BCU fees on ATM transactions
› Access to BCU Student Line of Credit, OAC
› Opportunity to apply for the BCU Scholarship Awards Program


Bulava Benefit

For the bank accounts for seniors 65 years of age or older, Bulava is a benefit type that recognizes your longstanding membership and loyalty. 

Bulava Benefits:

› Free certified cheques
› Free deposit of domestic and foreign pensions
› Free mailed statements
› Preferred foreign exchange rates


BCU Fire Benefit

At BCU Financial, we value our first responders who put their lives on the line each and every day. We are proud to partner with the men and women who are Ontario’s heroes. The BCU Fire Benefit is a special benefit type specifically designed for Ontario’s fire fighters and offers customized benefits and support for Ontario’s Fire Fighter Associations.

For more information, please contact us at

Our Chequing Accounts

  • Chequing Account
    • The BCU chequing account offers unlimited cheque writing privileges.
    • Chequing Account Benefits:
    • › Unlimited chequing privileges.
    • › No minimum monthly balance required.
  • Savings/Chequing Accounts
    • For those who prefer one account for their operating funds, the savings/chequing account is a daily interest savings account with the benefits of a chequing account. 
    • Savings/Chequing Account Benefits:
    • › Free chequing with a minimum monthly balance of $3,000 ($0.35 per cheque if your balance falls below $3,000).
    • › Daily interest paid monthly with tiered interest rates – the greater your balance, the higher your rate of interest calculated on the entire account balance.

Our High Rate Savings Accounts

  • Link Savings Account
    • Link Savings is a BCU Link Internet Banking high interest rate saving account offered exclusively online. 
    • Link Savings Account Benefits:
    • High interest rate saving account.
    • › No minimum monthly balance.
    • › Enroll online or e-mail us at and a Financial Services Officer will call you to set up the account over the phone.
    • › Variable rate subject to change.

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  • Savings Account
    • The savings account is a premium savings account with high interest rate. 
    • Savings Account Benefits:
    • › Higher rate of interest.
    • › Interest is calculated on the lowest monthly balance and paid twice a year.
    • › No minimum monthly balance.
  • Daily Savings Account
    • The daily interest savings account is a savings account on which interest is calculated on every dollar every day.
    • Daily Interest Savings Account Benefits:
    • › Interest is calculated on the daily closing balance and paid monthly.
    • › No minimum monthly balance.
  • U.S. Savings Account
    • If you travel south of the border or ever reside in warmer climates, take advantage of the U.S. Savings account.
    • › Earn interest when your daily closing balance is $500 or more with tiered interest rates – the greater your balance, the higher your rate of interest.

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