Board of Directors

Michael Szepetyk - Chair

Bohdan Leshchyshen

Oleh Romanyschyn

Stefan Steciw

Andrew Tarapacky

Irene Hryniuk

Ihor Kozak

Roman Kulyk

Nadiya Kuz

Theodosij Buyniak - Honorary

Roman Medyk - Honorary


Buduchnist Credit Union opened its doors on May 29, 1952, with 162 members and over $22,000 in assets. It was founded by 25 forward- thinking Ukrainians who immigrated to Canada after WWll. Their mission was to create a financial cooperative whose combined asset vs would benefit both its members and the larger Ukrainian community in Canada. From its humble beginnings in an office on 140 Bathurst St. in Toronto, to a modern, full-service, multi-branch Ontario-wide financial institution, Buduchnist Credit Union has grown to become the largest Ukrainian Credit Union in Canada and the largest ethnic credit union in Ontario.

Buduchnist Credit Union by Decade

– In less than 10 years, Buduchnist Credit Union experienced rapid growth in both membership and assets. It grew from 162 members to over 1,000 in three years, with its assets ballooning from $22,000 to well over $1 million. Buduchnist Credit Union also expanded its member services by adding chequing and mortgage services to its list of financial products.

-1952 – Buduchnist Credit Union was granted an Ontario provincial charter

-1955 – Chequeing system introduced to members

-1955 – Obtained a license to offer mortgages to members

-1957 – Assets exceed $1 million

– Buduchinist Credit Union continued its steady growth. Membership increased by 55% and financial assets increased by 35%.

-1960 – Introduced children’s education funds

– The 1970s were the beginning of expansion and modernization at Buduchnist Credit Union. A computerized banking system was installed to better serve its members and the Bloor St. Branch opened in the heart of the Ukrainian Village in Toronto.

-1977 – Computerized banking system installed

-1977 – Bloor St. West Branch opens

– Expansion continued with the opening of two new branches. A new financial milestone was reached when assets exceeded $100 million.

-1985 – Scarborough Branch in St. Peter and Paul Seniors’ Residence opens

-1986 – Mississauga Branch opens

-1988 – Assets exceed $100 million

-1989 – BCU credit card introduced

– Buduchnist Credit Union bought and renovated a building on Bloor St. to house the new Head Office and Toronto Branch. It also opened branches in Ottawa and Hamilton, expanding its reach in Ontario. It introduced ATMs and the Interac System, making it more convenient for members to bank. A Patronage Plan was created to return profits to all Buduchnist Credit Union members and assets doubled to exceed $200 million.

-1990 – Ottawa Branch opens

-1991 – New Bloor St. W. Toronto Head Office and Toronto Branch opens

-1992 – ATM and Interac system are introduced

-1998 – Hamilton Branch opens

-1998 – Patronage Plan introduced to return Buduchnist Credit Union profits to its members

-1998 – Buduchnist pays out $500,000 to its members

-1999 – Assets exceed $200 million

– A new century brought more innovation and expansion to Buduchnist Credit Union. Online services and products were introduced to provide even more convenient banking options. Access to thousands of ATMs across Canada and the USA offered through the Exchange Network. Three new Branches were opened and assets grew to over $315 million. </p>

<p>-2001 – BCU Link introduced – providing members 24 hour access to BCU services </p>

<p>-2003 – Conquest Student Account introduced </p>

<p>-2003 – New Hamilton Branch location opened</p>

<p>-2004 – Buduchnist donates $500,000 to BCU Foundation </p>

<p>-2004 – Assets exceed $315 million </p>

<p>-2006 – North Toronto Branch opens </p>

<p>-2006 – High interest online “BCU Link Savings Account” introduced </p>

<p>-2007 – Joins the Exchange Network of ATMs across Canada </p>

<p>-2009 – Tax-Free Savings Account introduced </p>

<p>-2009 – Oakville Branch opens </p>

– Buduchnist Credit Union continued with its fast paced implementation of technological advancements. A new mobile app and E-Transfer system were introduced, allowing members the option of banking on their smart phones. A new financial milestone was reached when assets exceeded $500million and Buduchnist Credit Union was rebranded as BCU Financial.

-2010 – Newlyweds Account introduced

-2010 – Assets exceed $500 million

-2011 – BCU Mobile banking and App is introduced

-2014 – E-Transfer System launched

-2015 – BCU Link App redesigned for Android and iOS

-2019 – Buduchnist Credit Union rebranded as BCU Financial

-2019 – BCU Financial launches updated mobile app, internet banking, and phone banking services

-2019 – BCU Financial introduces new Interac Flash Member Cards

-2019 – BCU Financial starts renovation of Toronto Head Office

Annual Reports

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Compliance Assistant

BCU Financial is looking for a passionate full-time Compliance Assistant to join our growing team. As a Compliance Assistant with BCU Financial, you will be reporting to the Chief Compliance Officer to assist with and perform various compliance administrative activities in accordance with the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act (PCMLTFA), Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) and Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario (DICO)/Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) regulations, requirements and timelines.

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Junior Programmer/Analyst

BCU Financial is looking for a passionate Junior Programmer/Analyst to join our growing team. As a Junior Programmer/Analyst within BCU, you will be working on one of our main customer-driven programming and support teams, providing support to our frontline staff while building upon your knowledge of development and interface design utilizing the following technologies / design principles on our core banking system in a Microsoft environment utilizing technology such as .NET, C#, C++, VB, VS, IIS, MSSQL, HTML, Javascript and more.

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Teller (Part-time)

BCU Financial is actively seeking part-time tellers to join our team. This position processes routine cash related member transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, loan and utility payments, term deposit renewals, registered plan transactions, calculations of foreign and domestic exchanges, and cheque cashing. All transactions are facilitated using computer systems. The position requires the diligent execution of standard and prescribed procedures to effectively fulfill assigned responsibilities.

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