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Merchant Services

Today’s business and retail markets are changing rapidly and customers want the option to choose how and where they would like to pay for a product or service. If you are a business owner, you need to accept many different payment options for the goods and services you provide, and BCU Financial is here to help you. We have teamed up with First Data to provide the right payment acceptance solution for your business needs with up-to-date technology and security so you can focus on growing your business.

BCU Financial offers the following business payment options in partnership with First Data:


Point-of-Sale Terminals (POS Terminals)

Point-of-Sale Terminals provide a reliable, fast and secure payment method that accepts many payment options including: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club International, Interac debit and gift cards.


Online eCommerce Solutions

Online eCommerce Solutions provides everything you need to set up an online store and expand the reach of your business with global payments, mobile-ready checkout and comprehensive security.


Gift Card Solutions

Gift Card Solutions for people who like to give and receive retail gift cards. Various Gift Card options can be added to your POS Terminal so your business can accept hundreds of well-known retail brand gift cards.


Mobile and Tablet Solutions

Mobile and Tablet Solutions are for businesses that are on-the-go. Whether you are a contractor, photographer or small business that operates in outdoor markets or festivals, a mobile pin-pad and a Mobile Pay Plus application will let your business go with you and make paying quick, convenient and secure for your customers.


Data Security and Fraud Protection Solutions

Data Security and Fraud Protection Solutions deliver the most up-to-date protection to provide you with comprehensive data security to reduce your liability. These comprehensive solutions let you meet compliance requirements, reduce risk for data security and privacy and securely process both in-store and online transactions, including those made using Apple Pay.

Talk to your BCU Financial Representative today to discuss the many options available for your merchant services needs.

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