BCU Financial supports the Friends of Ukraine Defence Forces Fund with additional $100,000 USD as needs in Ukraine become dire in winter months - BCU Financial

BCU Financial supports the Friends of Ukraine Defence Forces Fund with additional $100,000 USD as needs in Ukraine become dire in winter months


Buduchnist Credit Union is proud to continue its legacy of support for Ukraine and her people. As part of its ongoing support, today BCU Financial is making another substantial contribution of $100,000USD to the Friends of Ukrainian Defense Forces Fund (FUDFF) to provide essential supplies, including power generators, medical equipment for military hospitals, and rehabilitation support for veterans and their families. We are confident in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the networks of territorial defenses which stand bravely and nobly because they are protecting their land, their people. This funding is in addition to the $125,000 CAD which BCU Financial donated to FUDFF on behalf of its members in the early weeks of the invasion in March 2022.

FUDFF Fund was established in 2014 in response to the unprovoked aggression of Russia in eastern Ukraine. For the past 8 years, Ukraine has been fighting a war, while the Ukrainian Defence Forces as well as volunteer battalions have been fulfilling their duty in defending their nation. Donors of the FUDFF Fund have been assisting those serving in the Armed Forces as well as the casualties of war, displaced persons, families of those serving, and children who have lost a parent due to war.

Established by the League of Ukrainian Canadians (LUC) and the League of Ukrainian Canadian Women (LUCW), the FUDFF Fund has raised and disbursed $7 million since 2014 – $4 million since February 2022 alone. The fund supports servicemen and women of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the frontlines by providing equipment such as defensive body armour, as well as first aid medical kits and other medical supplies, hygiene products, non-perishable food and spiritual materials. FUDF Fund also supports the fallen & wounded servicemen and women and their families by ensuring that soldiers who have suffered injuries in protecting Ukraine have access to the support and humanitarian aid that they desperately need.

As we gather in the coming days to celebrate the birth of Christ, let us keep in our hearts and our thoughts all those in Ukraine who will be celebrating Christmas modestly, many with no power and no heat. Let us pray for the brave men and women fighting for their sovereignty and freedom and fighting for democracy – the democracy we are able to enjoy here in Canada.

As we look to the new year, we pray for victory in Ukraine and peace for her people. We pray for perseverance and unity in our communities no matter where we may be, for all of our institutions to grow and to prosper. And we pray for good health and happiness for us all. Buduchnist has and will stand with Ukraine. To victory!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!

In the spirit of Christmas giving, we ask you to please continue supporting Ukraine. Donate Today.

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