Congratulations to all the Matura graduates of 2022! - BCU Financial

Congratulations to all the Matura graduates of 2022!


At BCU Financial, we understand the importance of education, preserving our history, and mentoring new generations of leaders in the Ukrainian-Canadian community. For this reason, BCU Financial and BCU Foundation have historically sponsored Matura graduations across Ontario. The year 2022 was no exception! BCU celebrated the achievements of over 90 graduates from the Tsiopa Palijiw Ukrainian School, St. Volodymyr Ukrainian School, St. Nicholas Ukrainian Heritage School, Nova Shkola, Yuriy Lypa Ukrainian School (Toronto, ON), and Ukrainian Lesia Ukrainka School of Ottawa, ON.
BCU presented each student with a silver trident pendant, Ukraine’s national symbol, that will serve as a reminder of their Ukrainian heritage and a $100 voucher for their BCU accounts. In addition, BCU Foundation sponsors the Literature Awards every year, valued at $250 per recipient and given to worthy students who stand out in studying Ukrainian literature. Andrew Tarapacky, Chair of the BCU Financial Board of Directors; Roman Medyk, Chair of the BCU Foundation Board of Directors; and Anna Jacyniak, Community Relations and Creative Coordinator at BCU Financial, attended the Matura graduations held at Old Mill Toronto on June 11th, 2022 and greeted the students on behalf of our entire Buduchnist family. Maryna Vyatkina, Branch Manager at our Ottawa Branch, celebrated with the students at Lesia Ukrainka Ukrainian School in Ottawa on June 18th.
Congratulations to all the graduates! We are confident that the knowledge our new graduates gained in Ukrainian school will be a priceless asset in their future! Our special gratitude goes out to the teachers! You are not only providing our children with valuable skills but also inspiring our youth to become leaders in our local communities. In September 2022, Ukrainian schools will open their doors again to students of different ages. Our Ukrainian schools are instrumental in preserving ethnic traditions and building meaningful relationships that will last for many years.

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