BCU Financial supports the Ukrainian community in GTHA and Ottawa in celebrating Malanka!


BCU Financial is proudly supporting Ukrainian Malanka celebrations in the GTHA and Ottawa, including festivities organized by PLAST Toronto, Lemko Foundation, St. Joseph’s Ukrainian Catholic Church, Ukrainian Community of Bradford, Café Ukraine (Ottawa), and CYM Mississauga. The Malanka events, deeply rooted in Ukrainian heritage, showcase a rich tapestry of traditions, music, dance, and culinary delights.

Malanka is a Ukrainian folk holiday celebrated on January 13th, which is New Year’s Eve following the Julian calendar, and commemorates the feast day of St. Melania. In Ukraine the celebrations vary from city to city but often feature a masquerade or plays.

BCU Financial recognizes the significance of preserving and promoting Ukrainian traditions, and the Malanka festivities provide the perfect platform for such endeavors.