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Member Notice – Fake Website Ad


Dear Members,

BCU is alerting you that there are fake and erroneous websites that are imitating and

In addition, there is a Google ad circulating on the internet which looks like it has come from BCU Financial with a link to a website which is not  Please DO NOT click on this ad and always ensure that you are visiting us at or DIRECTLY.
BCU Financial does not currently have any Google ads and the ad did not originate from your credit union.

Please never share your login credentials with any other party, including sending them by email, or using them to access any other website other than or

As we continue to encourage you to utilize BCULink Telephone, Internet & Mobile Banking services as much as possible, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we also want to ensure you are accessing our remote services in a safe and secure way.  It is important that you continue to regularly update your login and password credentials to ensure continued safe and secure access to BCULink.

Once again, as a further precautionary measure, when you visit us online, please make sure you visit us at or directly, rather than searching for us on Google, or clicking on any links you may see for us which originate on any other website, including online ads even on commonly used websites.


Ivanna Baran-Purkiss
Director of Corporate Communications & Marketing Manager, BCU Financial


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