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Concert in memory of Taras Shevchenko


On March 19, 2023, the traditional annual concert dedicated to the memory of the great Taras Shevchenko took place in Toronto, organized by the Ensembles of CYM and the Leagues of Ukrainian Women and Ukrainians of Canada (Toronto branches), with the support of BCU Financial as the main sponsor. Shevchenko’s well-known songs and poems, which are so close to the Ukrainian heart, were performed at the concert by talented choirs, soloists and readers.

The following ensembles participated in the program:

Who is Taras Shevchenko for Ukrainians? Much has been said about it, but probably Ivan Franko put it the most precisely:

“He was the son of a peasant – and became a ruler in the realm of the spirit. He was a slave – and became a giant in the realm of human culture. He was self-taught – and showed new, bright and free ways to professors and book scholars.

Fate pursued him in life as much as it could, but it did not manage to turn the gold of his soul into rust, nor his love for people into hatred and contempt… Fate did not spare him his suffering, but neither did it spare the delights that flowed from the healthy source of life. Fate gave him the best and most valuable treasure only after his death – immortal glory and ever-blooming joy which his works keep stirring anew in millions of human hearts.

That’s what Taras Shevchenko was and is for us, Ukrainians.”

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